Granville's Property Management's "Road to Ownership" Program

An assistance program to help our Granville Property Management renters on their journey to home ownership

If you are renting a home or apartment from Granville Property Management, we would like to help you make the move to home ownership.

Granville’s Road to Ownership program was created to smooth the transition for our Granville renters to become Granville owners. If you are a Granville renter, some of the benefits you will receive include:

  • Get a $2,500 credit toward your new Granville
  • Get released from your lease early with no penalty
  • Apply the security deposit from your rental to your new home’s down payment
  • Get five extra days to move at no additional charge

For more details about this program, please contact Granville Property Management at (559) 492-4000 or email


*Some restrictions apply. Program may be discontinued at any time without notice or obligation. Program valid for tenants of Granville Realty multifamily communities. For details and most current and accurate information, please speak with a Granville Property Management representative.

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