Music is powerful. Music can express a multitude of emotions. Music can set a mood, it can pump you up, or it can take you back in time. If you’re looking for the perfect playlist, Granville Homes has you covered. That’s why we put together these “Playlists to live by” so you can find the perfect music for every life event in your home. All you have to do is hit play on the brand-new Granville Homes Spotify account. Be warned, you may be caught singing out loud.

Spring Cleaning
A freshly cleaned loft area of our Canvas 6 home. [View Floorplan]

Jam out to Spring Cleaning

Most people don’t look forward to cleaning their house, but we all love that clean home feeling we get when it’s done. This spring cleaning playlist is sure to give you the energy and motivation to clean those messes you’ve been avoiding. Check out these additional tips to make your spring cleaning a breeze.

Make Moving Day Fun

Moving is tough, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. You’re embarking on the next chapter of your life. Knowing the right moving tips and having the right music playing while you pack can make the whole process much more enjoyable.

When You Get the Feels

Remember that day you met the love of your life? Feels like it was just yesterday. Well, whether you’re sharing your home or planning to take that next step soon, the Lovebirds Mix is sure you say what you just can’t find the perfect words to say.

Invite Your Friends for that Summer Fun BBQ

What are you waiting for? There’s always a good excuse to have a backyard BBQ. Nothing is better than having good food, good friends, and good music to enjoy. We cant help you with the first two, but this playlist is certain to keep the backyard BBQ vibes going.

A nursery setup in our Canvas 2 Model home featuring soothing colors. [View Floorplan]

Precious baby

The baby is finally here. You’ve set up the nursery and decorated it with soothing colors for your baby. Now turn on the Bringing Home Baby playlist for reminder of how precious your little ones are. A parents’ love is unconditional and little do they know, you’ll give them the world. We’ve rounded up the best songs to express how your little one makes you feel.

What do you think about our playlists? New playlists are being added regularly. Be sure to subscribe to Granville Homes Spotify account to listen to our playlists perfect for any occasion.

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