No office no problem! You don’t need an entire room to create an efficient home office. With more people working from home, people are getting creative in designing flexible workspaces. Consider these tips for converting that small space into a home office.

Niche Office

A Niche can become a Home Office

Do you have an awkward niche that you don’t know what to do with? Start by opting for a desk with built-in storage to hide any office necessities. Make sure to maximize its size to gain as much workspace as possible. Also, take advantage of any additional vertical space. Adding floating shelves above is not only stylish but also adds additional functionality. Finally, finish the look of your niche office with a fun accent chair that reflects the design style of your home and personality.

Closet Office

Closets make great home offices

If you are limited on space, converting an extra closet into a functional home office is a creative solution. Start by removing the closet doors. The goal is to make the once hidden closet space feel like it is meant to be a part of your home. Moreover, you will need to make sure you have your electrical needs met. Since most closets do not come with outlets or lighting, invite an electrician to come over and install the necessary plugs & fixtures. For example, use this opportunity to add stylish pendant lights or even a chandelier! You can further personalize this new office space by adding an accent wall or decorative wall treatment. To maximize working area in such a unique space, consider installing a built-in desk for a practical and custom solution. You can try adding a floating countertop that spans the entire width of the closet. Also for additional storage, add filing cabinets underneath. And don’t forget! Take advantage of any vertical space to add extra shelving.

Annie Floor Plan
The Annie model home bedroom with a desk. [View Floorplan]

Bring a desk into the bedroom

Having a home office in the main space of a home isn’t for everyone. If privacy or noise is a concern, bring your home office into the bedroom! More often than not, there is always some type of extra space that can be transformed into a functional office. Get rid of the nightstand and replace it with a small but practical desk that now serves multiple functions. Have an empty corner? A small corner desk can take advantage of an awkward and previously unused space. With a little rearranging, you can create a home office almost anywhere in your home.

Cali model Home
The Granville Homes Cali floorplan with a desk in the bedroom. [View Floorplan]

Finding the right space for your home office can be a challenge, but you can convert many spaces in your home into a home office. You can decide to make a home office in a niche space, a closet, or bring a desk into your bedroom. Make sure the home office fits your needs and style.