Scandinavian interior design combines simple beauty with practical functionality. This pared-down style with its crisp, white backdrop and functional furnishings is especially well-suited for home offices and children’s rooms. But don’t stop there – you can introduce the main features of Scandinavian style throughout your home.

Scandinavian Color Themes

Color Schemes

A refined color palette of white with blues or greys sets the stage for Scandinavian decor. This color scheme maximizes the available light and gives your rooms an expansive feeling. Scandinavian design also adds natural colors and bold, stylized design to the basic palette, often through the use of fabric. Introduce color and pattern with Scandinavian-style fabrics on throw pillows, curtains, or chair upholstery. Accessories and wall art can also provide a colorful yet authentic touch. Use these elements sparingly to add dashes of bright color without overwhelming the pristine background.

Scandinavian Floors and Walls

Floors and Walls

Scandinavian floors are nearly always wooden and light in color. Whitewashed or blond woods with a distinctive grain and planking typify this decor style. Area rugs are used judiciously to define seating areas and add warmth beneath your feet. Walls are uniformly white but can be clad with natural elements such as wood or stone to create a feature wall. The inclusion of natural elements in interior decor is a hallmark of Scandinavian design, both traditional and contemporary.

Scandinavian windows and warmth

Windows and Warmth

Window coverings are minimal and easy to open to bring in both the view and the light. However, make sure your windows are properly glazed and insulated to conserve energy and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the seasons. Scandinavians were early adopters of green building techniques, which have become standard features in new home construction in the region. If your climate warrants it, tuck a small wood stove or electric fireplace in a corner to provide welcome warmth while honoring a traditional design feature of Scandinavian homes.

Scandinavian Furnishings and Accessories

Functional Furnishings and Accessories

Scandinavian furnishings are stylish, sleek, and functional with clean lines, durable modern materials, and organic shapes. Mantel tops, coffee tables, or bookshelves are great places to display colorful accessories, artwork, and memorabilia to personalize your space. However, keep in mind that the Scandinavian style has no interest in knick-knacks or clutter. Get a clean look by using coordinated storage systems to contain clutter. Decorative items have more punch when used sparingly. For example, hanging one well-displayed poster over the mantel is preferable to spreading a gallery across a wall.

The clean Scandinavian style is perfect when you want to clear your mind and focus on work, family, or just enjoying life. If there is a drawback to Scandinavian home design, it’s the discipline needed to maintain the minimalism of this decor style. That may put the style out of reach for some confirmed clutterers. On the other hand, perhaps introducing Scandinavian style into your space will be just the motivation you need to quit cluttering altogether.

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