Fresno County is “Home Sweet Home” to over 1 million residents. Residents of Fresno enjoy being a short drive from many world-renowned California destinations. Destinations such as Yosemite, Sequoia, and King Canyon National Parks are all within a 60-90 minute drive from Fresno. Fresno also experiences some of the best weather in the country. On average, Fresnans are fortunate to have over 270 sunny days per year. For this reason, it is no wonder why Fresno is also the number one agricultural county of the United States. However, all of this is not without its downsides. In fact, California residents continue to battle a statewide drought. Here at Granville Homes, we know the importance of water conservation to California. For this reason, Granville continues to design homes that set the bar in water conservation and eco-friendly home design. Learn how Granville Homes leads the way in water conservation amongst home builders.

Granville Homes' The Annie floorplan Owner's Bath
The Annie floorplan owners bath. [View Floorplan]

Homes are equipped with High-efficiency Water fixtures

Water fixtures such as toilets, sink faucets, bathtub spouts, and showerheads are carefully selected by our design team to be stylish yet eco-friendly. Did you know, older home toilets can consume up to 6 gallons of water per flush!?! Granville homes are equipped with low-flow fixtures to reduce overall water use in the home.

The Avery floorplan
The Avery floorplan with a Modern Prairie exterior and carefully designed landscape. [View Floorplan]

Landscape is designed for low water use

A beautiful green-covered lawn is a classic must-have look for many homeowners. Granville Homes creates earth friendly landscape designs for each of our available floorplans. Beautiful drought-tolerant plants are carefully incorporated into the landscape design. Drought tolerant plants can really thrive in California and bring a vibrant touch to home landscaping without requiring much water.

Granville Homes The Bellas
The Bella floorplan landscape is adorned with many drought tolerant plants. [View Floorplan]

Drip Irrigation Systems Conserve Plenty of Water

Having a healthy lawn in California requires consistent watering. Traditional sprinklers are great for watering the lawn, but up to 80% of the water delivered can be wasted. For instance, high temperatures don’t allow the water to reach the roots of the lawn plants. In comparison, drip irrigation systems use much less water. Additionally, drip irrigation systems deliver the water directly to the roots of the plants. As a result, this prevents water loss due to wind drift, high temperatures, evaporation, and runoff. Granville Homes equips all new homes with these water-wise drip irrigation systems.

Bijou floorplan with Spanish Exterior
The Bijou floorplan feature a low water use landscape. [View Floorplan]

Auto-adjusting Irrigation system

Timing is everything. At Granville Homes, we equip our homes with smart weather-based irrigation systems. This means that the irrigation system automatically adjusts according to weather conditions. No need to manually adjust watering times with the changing seasons.

Water conservation does not mean we cannot use water. It means that we have to be smarter and more mindful of our water consumption. We can do our part to reduce water consumption with the combination of carefully chosen plumbing fixtures, drip irrigation systems, and low water use landscaping. Learn more about our Granville Eco-Smart technology to see how we continue to lead the way in eco-friendly home design.

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