Many homebuyers look forward to touring new homes, but with today’s busy lifestyle they may not have time to attend open houses or visit model centers. And let’s be honest, some homebuyers simply do not have time, or the desire, to coordinate with realtors and sales agents to view homes. We heard this feedback from our homebuyers and that’s why we started using the NterNow instant access system. With NterNow you are able to visit homes on your own, without a realtor or sales agent, anytime between sunrise and sunset!

NterNow sign on front yard
An NterNow sign displayed in front of a Granville Homes move-in ready home.

What is NterNow?

NterNow is a smartphone app that displays homes you can view independently without a sales agent. Homes for sale that are in the NterNow network are equipped with smart lock technology, so you can instantly view the home by using your smartphone. These homes will have distinct orange signs with the NterNow name in the front yard, as well as an NterNow keypad doorlock on the front door.

NterNow map
The NterNow map displaying homes for sale with instant access in the Fresno area.

Why You Should Use NterNow

NterNow will allow you to view the home sooner. You may be driving around town and notice a home for sale with an NterNow sign. If you are interested in viewing the home, simply walk up to the front door with your smart phone, dial the phone number or open the app and follow the on-screen prompts. Upon entering your information, you’ll be given a one-time use code to enter the home. Now, spend as much time as you need touring every room, viewing the backyard, and measuring the dining room to see if your grandma’s table will fit! Don’t let your dream home get away waiting for a sales agent to help you. The NterNow smartphone app also has a handy map that displays other homes for sale with NterNow access in your area.

Download NterNow on your smartphone
The NterNow app can grant you instant access to view homes.

How to Start Using the NterNow App

You may now be asking, “How do I get started using NterNow?” It’s easy to start using the NterNow smartphone app. First, download the NterNow app from the App Store or Google Play Store on your phone. Once you download the app, you will open the app and enter the Property ID number located on the home you want to tour. Next, you will be asked to verify your identity by scanning your ID card. Once your identification is verified, you will receive a one-time access code to punch into the smart lock keypad. Voila! You have gained instant access to tour the home. With NterNow, you can instantly access many of Granville’s Designer Series move-in ready homes. These homes have features carefully selected by Granville’s in-house Design Team, the same team who designs our model home. And best of all, they are complete and ready to move into today!

Check out NterNow homes next time you drive through a Granville neighborhood, you will now you will be able to tour homes on your own time. NterNow homes are available for viewing at Belterra, Deauville East, and Copper River Ranch! For a full list of Granville Homes with NterNow access, click the link below.

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