Do you wish your master bedroom felt more like your own private retreat? Ideally, a master bedroom should provide a secluded haven where you can refresh yourself at the end of the day. Here are 9 ways you can create a more relaxing and soothing master bedroom sanctuary in your home.

An owner's bedroom with slate blue accent wall.
The owner’s suite in our Canvas 4 model home features a calming slate blue accent wall. [View Floorplan]

1) Choose Restful Hues

Select soothing tones for your master bedroom walls, window treatments, upholstered pieces, and area rugs. Light, neutral colors, such as white linen, barely gray, pale taupe, and creamy ivory offer soothing visual comfort and a calming atmosphere. If you prefer an earthy, restful vibe, choose a nature-inspired color, such as sage green, soft blue, dusty beige, or creamy caramel.

A warm neutral toned room, with a plush bench at the foot of the mid-century modern style bed.
The plush bench in this Bella owner’s suite is a convenient addition to the room. [View Floorplan]

2) Add a Bench

Place an upholstered bench at the foot of your bed for added convenience. A small bench provides a handy place to sit when putting on your socks or shoes. For added function, choose a storage bench to hold extra bed linens, blankets, and pillows.

An owner's suite, shown staged with greenery and cool blue and green decor. There are wide fauxwood blinds on the window and lush printed curtains.
The owner’s suite of our Tresor model home, available now, features access to a private balcony.

3) Control Natural Light

For a more soothing bedroom environment, control the amount and intensity of natural light streaming inside your master bedroom. Install window treatments that allow you to adjust the amount and direction of outdoor light coming into your bedroom. Attractive faux wood blinds with 2-inch slats allow you to easily change the direction and amount of light filtering into your bedroom day or night.

The muted neutral tones, combined with warm lighting, create a cozy atmosphere.
Warm, neutral tones create a cozy atmosphere in our Bijou model home at Copper River Ranch. [View Floorplan]

4) Avoid Loud Colors

It’s difficult to relax and wind down at the end of the day when your bedroom is covered in bright, intense hues. Loud colors have a tendency to energize and stimulate your senses. Keep your bedroom free from these intensely vivid colors, such as lipstick red, bright orange, sunshine yellow, and lime green.

The owner's suite of this Aria home feature a sitting bench at the foot of the bed as well as an armchair with side table in the corner.
The owner’s suite in our Aria model home features a comfortable sitting area. [View Floorplan]

5) Create a Lounging Area

Include comfy upholstered furniture in your master bedroom to design a restful lounging area. First, decide on the activities for your lounging space. For example, you might read, watch television, surf the web on your tablet, or communicate on your cell phone. Next, select cushy upholstered pieces, such as a small sofa, settee, or an over-sized armchair to accommodate your planned activities and available floor space.

A plush tufted headboard and fluffy white and natural toned bedding create an inviting space to sleep in this Bella owner's suite.
Soft, plush bedding create an inviting space to sleep in this Bella’s owner’s suite. [View Floorplan]

6) Select a Comfortable Bed

A comfortable bed is the most important item to consider when fostering a more relaxing master bedroom environment. If your current bed is uncomfortable or your mattress is 8 to 10 years old, it’s time to shop for a replacement. Lay a memory foam mattress topper on top of your mattress to supply a layer of added cushion.

The rustic farmhouse inspired nightstands in this Estates line owner's suite offer plenty of storage and style.
The farmhouse-inspired nightstands in this Residence 4 home double as storage space. [View Floorplan]

7) Include Functional Nightstands

Place a nightstand next to your bed to offer a spot for a table lamp for reading while you’re in bed. A nightstand also provides a convenient spot to lay your book, newspaper, magazine, cell phone, or electronic tablet when you’re finished with it. Choose a nightstand with lined drawers to stash your jewelry, watches, keys, wallet, phone chargers, and electronic items for the night.

The lightweight blanket atop the bed in this guest suite is perfect for summer nights.
The downstairs suite of our Tresor model home, available now features easy access to the covered patio.

8) Pick Out Cozy Bedding

Invest in quality bedding to promote a restful night’s sleep. Do you prefer satin, microfiber, cotton, flannel, or another type of sheet? Lightweight blankets and comforters supply warmth without a heavy feel, which might aid you in getting a better night of sleep. Also, outfit your bed with bed pillows to accommodate your sleeping style.

A cool blue abstract painting of a heart adorns the wall of this owner's suite.
We often feature artwork from tenants of the M Street Arts Complex at our models and move-in ready homes.

9) Hang Peaceful Artwork

Choose peaceful artwork, such as nature-inspired pieces, country landscapes, or animal pictures. Even city skylines add a chic, tranquil vibe. Avoid filling your bedroom walls with an excessive amount of colorful art pieces with random themes. It will make your bedroom feel disjointed and busy. Pick out a few large canvas paintings instead of many small pieces to foster the restful atmosphere. Inspirational sayings and abstract art in muted colors also work well.

Are you ready to make your master bedroom a more tranquil space where you can relax and forget your worries from the day? Begin by comparing these 9 relaxing tips with your existing master bedroom atmosphere. Next, implement the tips that your bedroom is lacking to design a space where you’ll want to linger longer.

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