A dirty filter is one of the most common culprits behind an air conditioner not running as effectively as it should be. To keep your AC running smoothly, you will want to replace the filters at least once per season. Occasionally during the summer, you may want to replace it twice. Before you begin, make sure that your air is turned off, to reduce the chance of dust being blown around your home.

  1. Step 1: Open Up The Tabs

    Position your ladder underneath the AC filter grate. Using pliers if necessary, open up the four tabs holding the grate shut. Be sure to support the grate when opening up the tabs so that it does not swing open too hard.

    Circle outlines indicate the location of the tabs on the AC filter grate. A worker is using one hand to support the grate while opening up the tabs.

  2. Step 2: Replace Old Filter

    Remove the old filter and replace with a new one. Note the direction of the air flow so that the filter is installed in the correct orientation.

    The arrow on the side of the new AC filter indicating which direction the filter should be facing.

  3. Step 3: Close the Grate

    Bring the grate back up and close the latches.

    Flipping the tabs on the side of the AC filter grate shut in order to hold it closed.

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