Because your lawn will need different amounts of water depending on the time of year, it is a good idea to double-check the programming for your sprinkler system and adjust as needed once a month. As part of our Eco-Smart technology, new Granville homes from our Traditional line of homes come with the Hunter X-Core Sprinkler System pre-installed. Watch our quick video above, or continue reading to learn how to program your Hunter X-Core Sprinkler System.

  1. Setting the current date & time in the Hunter X-Core Sprinkler System

    Step 1: Set The Current Time

    First, you will want to ensure that the current time is correct. If the current time is not accurate, it means that all of your other settings will be incorrect as well. Turn the dial on your system to “Current Time/Day”. Adjust the flashing numbers using the plus and minus buttons, and then use the left and right arrows to move to the next setting, until you have the current time (pay attention to AM vs PM), date, and year set.

  2. Setting the Start Times for the Hunter X-Core Sprinkler System.

    Step 2: Set the Start Times

    Next, turn the dial to “Start Times”. This indicates when your sprinklers will turn on. Take note of your local watering schedule when determining when to run your sprinklers. Use the right and left arrow buttons to switch between your first (morning) and second (evening) start times.

  3. Setting the Run Times in the Hunter X-Core Sprinkler System

    Step 3: Set the Run Time

    Turn the dial again to “Run Times”. With this setting, you designate how long you would like the sprinklers to run before automatically shutting off. Again, keep in mind your local watering schedule so that your sprinklers are only running during the allowed times. You can set differing run times for each ‘station’ of your sprinklers (lawns, beds, etc.). Typically, you will want 10-13 minutes of run time in the spring and fall, and anywhere from 12 to 17 minutes of run time in the summertime. For flower beds, you will want to use double that amount of time if you are using a drip system, or half if you have a spray system. Be sure to monitor your lawn and garden and adjust these times as needed.

  4. Selecting the Watering Days in the Hunter X-Core Sprinkler System

    Step 4: Set the Watering Days

    Next, turn the dial to “Water Days”. Using the arrows to switch between days, set which days to have your sprinklers run (a drop icon) and which days to not water (a drop with dashed out circle through it) Depending on your city and the time of year, your address will have certain days which you are allowed to water on. Be sure to look up your local water schedule when programming your watering days.

    Fresno Water Schedule Clovis Water Schedule

  5. Using the 'Manual One Station' setting to check the sprinkler lines.

    Step 5: Test Coverage

    Now that all of your run times are set, turn the dial to “Manual One Station”. This will allow you to run each station for an amount of time, just few minutes is fine, in order to check your coverage. Once a month, check each station to make sure everything is running smoothly. Check to make sure none of your sprinklers have spun around and are now spraying your driveway, for example, and that there are no clogs in your line. If you do notice a blockage, be sure to check out our easy guide on how to clean out your sprinkler heads.

    Use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the run time for the first station, three minutes should be ample time for this step. Change the dial to run and let the system turn on automatically. When you have checked the first station, you can manually shut the system off, or just let the time run out. Switch the dial back to “Manual One Station”, use the arrow buttons to select the next station, and repeat the process until you have inspected all stations.

  6. Step 6: Finished!

    Once you are done setting your run times and days and have inspected each station to ensure everything is running smoothly, set the dial to “Run”. Your sprinkler system is now programmed and will automatically turn on and off according to your settings.

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