While the added space of a spare room is nice, it can be hard to decide what to do with the extra room. Perhaps one of your children has recently left for college or you’ve moved into a new home that had more bedrooms than you needed. Whatever the reason, you now have a spare bedroom, and there are a wide variety of ways you can utilize your new space.

1. Build a Sanctuary to Relieve Stress

It can be incredibly calming to have a space in your home that is dedicated purely to stress relief. You can make your spare room into a meditation space as well as a reading room. Incorporate whatever hobby helps you decompress into your spare room. Make the room a cozy place to relax with comfortable furniture. Comfy chairs and floor cushions are a simple way to make a comfortable place for reading or meditation. Additionally, houseplants can give you a calming, natural beauty that will help you relax. Additionally, you could get a tabletop fountain so you can enjoy the sound of babbling water as you unwind. Try placing candles around the room. Truly make it your own space with whatever items give you a sense of calm.

2. Turn the Spare Room into Your Entertainment Center

Turning your spare room into an entertainment room is a fun way to use an otherwise empty space. Get a large television and set up a movie room or add your favorite video game consoles. If you have space, bring in a pool table, dartboard, or vintage arcade machines in the room. Decorate the space with a movie theater-style or your favorite sports memorabilia and equip it with a snack cart and mini-fridge. Turn your spare room into your family’s favorite place to be!

Spare room gym

3. Bring the Fitness Studio Home

Putting exercise equipment into the corner of your bedroom or living room can feel cluttered and awkward. But if you have a spare room, you can create your own fitness studio. A spare room can fit a treadmill, a bicycle, a rowing machine, and a set of weights. Or, hang some mirrors on the wall and add a ballet barre and some yoga mats. If you love group classes, hang a smart TV on the wall and find a free YouTube fitness channel that makes you sweat! Save money on that monthly gym membership, and never miss a workout!

4. Welcome Guests to Your Home

If you often have family or friends visit from out of town, a beautiful and comfy guest bedroom might be the perfect choice for your spare bedroom. It can be fun to decorate a guest bedroom and outfit it with all the amenities your guests might enjoy! Choose a different decor style than the rest of your rooms and have fun with it! Or, if you only have guests a few times a year, buy a smaller daybed or sleeper sofa for one side of the room, then add a desk and use the room as a combination office and guest room!

Utilize Your Extra Space

When deciding on what to do with a spare bedroom, evaluate the options and choose whatever is going to provide you the most joy and functionality. As long as your spare bedroom provides you happiness, the extra space will not be wasted.

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