When you first move into your Granville home, your pre-installed Nest Thermostat will be set to a manual function. Once you have installed WIFI, you’ll be able to set up the various smart features. Watch the video above or continue reading to learn how to program your desired heat/cool temperatures in your Nest thermostat.

  1. Walk Up to Activate

    Your Nest thermostat has a motion sensor. To activate, simply walk up to it or wave your hand in front of it. The large number is the current internal temperature. The small number on the top is what the thermostat is set to.

    A Nest thermostat displaying the current indoor temperature.

  2. Press to Enter the Menu

    When you press the thermostat and turn it clockwise, you will notice each icon light up. The icon lit up identifies what function you are trying to operate. Highlight over the icon with the squiggly lines and press the thermostat to select. You will notice options of Heat, Cool, and Heat-Cool. Highlight over one of these options to turn it on, or highlight and press to adjust the settings.

    The main menu is displayed on a Nest thermostat's screen.

  3. Set the Desired HEAT Temperature

    To select heat, highlight over HEAT and press. To turn up the heat, turn the thermostat to the right, and to turn down the heat turn to the left.

    Adjusting the Heat setting on a Nest thermostat.

  4. Set the Desired COOL Temperature

    To select cool, highlight over COOL and press. Again, turn the thermostat to the right to raise the desired temperature, or turn to the left to lower it.

    Adjusting the desired temperature for the Cool setting on a Nest thermostat.

  5. Set the HEAT-COOL Temperature Range

    The Heat-Cool setting is useful for days when you anticipate a wide fluctuation in temperature and may want the heat on in the morning and the air conditioning on in the afternoon. To select this setting, highlight over HEAT-COOL and press. In this setting, you set the temperature range that you want to keep your home between, and the thermostat will automatically switch between heating and cooling as needed.

    Adjusting the temperature range for the Heat-Cool setting on a Nest thermostat.

  6. How to Restart Your Nest Thermostat

    If you experience a glitch, you may need to restart your thermostat. There are two ways to do this. First, is to push and hold the thermostat for three seconds until the screen goes blank. Then wait as the system restarts. The second option is to pull your thermostat away from the wall towards you. Plug your thermoset back into the wall connection, and then wait approximately 3 mins before the screen goes back to normal.

    A house icon displays on the Nest thermostat's screen as it restarts.

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