Summer is coming to a close in Central California, which means it is time to prepare for the rainy winter months. In Fresno, the majority of the year’s rainfall occurs between October and May, with the amount of precipitation peaking in January and February. Because the area will generally go without rain for months at a time, it is a wise idea to take some precautionary steps each fall to ensure that your home is ready for the rain again. By following these easy steps, you’ll be able to bundle up on the couch and enjoy the relaxing weather knowing that your home is prepared for the rain.

  1. A man cleaning fall leaves from his home's gutters.

    Clean out your gutters

    Your gutters’ primary function is to guide water away from your home. At least once during fall, be sure to inspect your gutters and make sure that they are clear of debris and free of any blockages. Avoid cleaning out your gutters right after it rains- waiting a few days until the debris has dried out will make the removal process much easier. Scoop out leaves and larger debris with gloved hands or a trowel. For dirt and finer debris, specialty gutter cleaning attachments for your garden hose are available at your local home improvement store or online.

  2. Looking up at rain falling onto a skylight window.

    Check for leaks

    Go around the interior of your home to check for any signs of leaks, paying special attention to the ceiling and around exterior doors and windows. Make sure all doors and windows close properly and that the seals don’t show signs of major wear. This is also a great time to do some quick annual window maintenance.

  3. Someone using large pruning clippers to remove branches from a tree.

    Clear the Perimeter

    Take a walk around the outside of your home and clean up any broken branches or debris that could be damaging. Trim back any branches that hang over your roof and gutters, and take down any dead branches that may become hazardous during storms.

  4. A cute shed in the backyard of a home.

    Store Lawn Equipment and Prepare Outdoor Furniture

    Protect lawn equipment and power tools by storing them in a dry place, up off the ground. If you own a shed, inspect the roof and check for any leaks. Bring in any furniture or decor that may become damaged by the rain, and apply a waterproofing treatment to wooden outdoor furniture to protect against water damage.

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