Moving to a new neighborhood can be exciting. You will have the chance to explore local attractions and meet new people. If it is closer to your job, you have the extra benefit of a shorter commute, but keep in mind you will want to test a neighborhood before buying your next home. If you are still unsure if you want to live in a new neighborhood, consider trying these five tips:

Rent First, Keys For New Home

Rent First Before Buying A Home​

If the finances work out in your favor, consider renting in the neighborhood before buying a home. Renting before committing to investing in a home in the neighborhood will allow you to really learn about the neighborhood. This will give you six months to a year to decide if the area is right for you. If you love the area, start the house-hunting process a few months before your lease is up. is a great website to use to find homes and apartments for rent in the Fresno and Clovis area.

Walk The Neighborhood

Walk The Neighborhood Before Buying A Home​

Walk around the neighborhood and take a look at houses and restaurants. You get a better feel for the area by walking as opposed to simply driving through it. Visit the area during different hours of the day to see how daily life changes. Walking the neighborhood later in the day will give you a better sense of the area that may not be present in the mid-day. Communities throughout the same city can have vastly different atmospheres and feelings. Also, pay attention to how the homes in your neighborhood have aged. In some neighborhoods, homes that are only a few years old can show dramatic signs of wear (i.e., warped fascia boards, chipping paint, shutters falling off the windows, dry rot, etc.). Be sure the home you choose is well-built to last!

Talk To Friends In The Neighborhood​

Talk to friends or colleagues that live in the neighborhood to see how they feel about the area. For example, you can ask them about rush hour traffic or which schools are the best. If you enjoy dining out, ask your friends about the restaurants that have the best happy hour specials or live entertainment.

Explore The Neighborhood Dining Options

Chances are you will eat at the places closest to your home instead of traveling far for a meal. Try out some of the local restaurants in the neighborhood. Are these restaurants the types of places you can imagine yourself visiting for date night or to watch the big game?

Enjoy A Staycation in The Neighborhood

Take a Neighborhood Staycation

Pretend you are living in the neighborhood by renting a hotel room or Airbnb for a long weekend. This will help you explore the area more in-depth. You’ll be able to commute to and from work as well as get groceries from the nearby supermarket. If you like to jog, you can even find local parks for exercise.

In Conclusion

You should love the neighborhood where you buy a home. If you are exploring different neighborhoods to move to, try taking a staycation there, or visit the local eateries. Don’t forget to check out Granville Homes when looking for a new home in the neighborhood that is perfect for you. You may just find the perfect place for your next move.

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